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Tip Activated Vibrators


Watch the use-guide on how to work Lovense Products

Lovense is a ‘teledildonics’ company that designs ‘smart’ vibrators. They offer two different interactive sex toy products for camgirls the Nora and Lush. Both devices are activated through music activity, and or PC-based controllability.  Lovense sound activated vibrators have become the recent money making technique for cam models on sites like Chaturbate and Myfreecams.


lush sex toy

Lush is the bullet vibrator by Lovense that is inserted into the vagina and has a blue tooth antenna for app capabilities. The device is be activated by noise or via a phone app for long distance play. There isn’t PC software yet that allows your to program vibration settings according to tip amounts. The curve of the toy is made for max comfort and sits closely to the G-Spot for the ultimate pleasure.


nora sex toy

Nora is Lovense’s tip activated rabbit dildo vibrator that also CAN be used this software to program vibration duration and intensity to different tip amounts. Nora features a rotating head with rotating beads for G-Spot insertion and a vibrating arm for clitoral stimulation. The intensity of the movements can be controlled by you, noises, or directly by your customer. Camgirls on and have also reviewed that the Lovense vibrations were slightly stronger than OhMiBod and have named Lovense products as the best. And usually will last 1-2 hours straight of continuous use.


butt plug tip activated

The Hush is Lovense’s brand new teledildonic butt plug that can be controlled via mobile, PC, or sync to music.  The 100% silicon butt plug is latex, rubber, and phlathates free.  The spirals on the neck are a lube trap that keeps the mess contained while easy to remove when finished.  Comes in different diameter sizes.



The Brand New Ambi is the most versatile powerful, bullet vibrator ever. The unique hammer head shape is specially designed to target broad areas, specific, or super pin point hard to reach spots. Ambi’s curves are designed to fit with your body’s curves and work with any position, whether by yourself, or with a partner.  It is fully software capable as well for use with camshows and has about 2 hours of consistent use hour life with a rechargeable battery.


tip vibrators

Domi is a super powerful but miniature vibrating wand. It may half the size of a Hitachi, but the Domi’s unique dual rotating head enables it be more extremely powerful with out the size or cords. The exterior is 100 % silicon, smooth, and has a reinforced neck to ensure applying pressure at all angles with out damaging the wand.


osci tip vibrator gspot

The Osci is short for oscillating, g-spot stimulator.  The newest addition to the Lovense line does not just vibrate like other traditional toys, the patent-pending motor moves in and out to deliver unique and powerful stimulation.  The oscillating mechanism enables pinpoint G-spot stimulation and the curved designs ensures it reaches in all angles.

The main advantage that Lovense products have over OhMiBod are the controllability features. While OhMiBod is activated by noise and can’t change intensity with different tip amounts, Lovense’s Nora has a control panel program that can be downloaded off Google chrome. Camgirls can program their device’s intensity and duration in accordance to tip amounts. The higher the tips, the stronger and longer the vibrations will last offering more incentive to tip more than 1 token walls.



Watch this video to see the actual software that you would use to program the toy to different tip amounts. It may appear confusing at first but has been clouted as super easy. Customer support especially for Camgirls is readily available.

set up

There are many different ways the Lovense tip activated toys can make you a lot of money.

You can set a high tip contest for your show and the highest tipper will be the only one to control your toy. Definitely a way to make all the other guys jealous and encourage them to beat high tips! You just set a time limit, create a link, and send the high tipper the link. They can easily control your toy through a control panel increasing/decreasing the vibrations and rotations.

lovense program

Lovense toys also work great in private chats and you can earn a commission of selling customers the male version. When you log into your Lovense account click on the affiliate program. This will give you your own tracking link and you just send your customer that link to buy the “Max” sex toy.

The Max gives your customer a private chat experience he’ll never forget. You can control his toy through software to increase or decrease pumping and vibrations. Or you can connect your toy with his toy through the Body Chat app (Iphone, Android, PC, MAC) and his toy will respond to how you use your Lovense toy. If you go faster or slower, his toy will respond in the same way.

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